Christopher Ray Toler

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Christopher Ray Toler

September 2, 1980 ~ June 1, 2023 (age 42)


My older brother Christopher Ray Toler. Was born September 2, 1980. He was born in High Point N.C. He went home on June 1st, 2023. He was a great big brother. When we were younger I would sit in his room for hours listening to him play the guitar. He picked one up one day and just took off He taught himself how to play and could he play it. He was also an amazing artist. He would stick for me against guys bigger them me. He had a big heart full of love. He had a great sense of humor He could have me and our younger brother Thomas laughing for hours. He was a man of many talents he would do anything he could for someone if he had the means to. He lived his life his way on his terms it may not have been how people expect someone to live but it was his way. His life was cut way too short I will not grow old with him now but he will forever live in my heart he will always be close to me spending your life with someone like a brother parts of them tends to impart on to you and to your soul. So they leave that with you when they go. I do feel like a big part of me was taken from a chunk of my heart. I loved him with every ounce of my heart. I could not have asked for a better big brother. We had our ups and downs and our falling outs. But in no way did that mean I did not love him just the same. I will miss his jokes and him playing the guitar his laughter his smile I will miss every single thing about him from the good to the flaws. The good things and the flaws make us who we are, so I know I love him so much because I accepted every bit of him. I will miss him every day until my time here is done. Chris, I love you so much big brother you will be missed you are always with me 

I look forward to when we will meet again. Love always, Your brother, Mitchell.

To my big brother Chris you are a big spirit full of inspiration. Never showed much fear you carried life on your back and never seem to stumble, I know how strong you were I look past all the negativity now, You were just trying to find where you belonged. You got lost for a while I also know the pain you felt too, I wish we could have done more sooner but I will celebrate your life as mine continues. You are my biggest influence growing up thank you for all the good times in wisdom. I will see you again when I do. I will tell you a lot more stuff things I never got to say. You are and will forever be my big brother you will be missed more than you could ever know. I love you so much Chris until next time goodbye. 

Your Baby Brother, Tommy. 

My father was one of the biggest role models in my life. Despite some circumstances he found himself in he always managed to be patient and content with the way things were going he had more strength than any man I know. If I'm being fairly honest this is a deep void in the place of the plans. I have with him now that he's gone. I'm going to fill that void with prayer, music, and consolation of My family as he would have wanted as time progresses his memory will not be thrown to the wind scattered about, and forgotten. I will pass his name down to my children as well as theirs. I will share his stories in my songs so that when people listen, they hear the words of wisdom and faith that he shared with me. I miss my father each and every day but I'm thankful for the memories. I have with him I find joy and knowing that he's with Grandma Karen, and the embrace of our heavenly father free from pain and sorrow. I will find Joy in knowing that one day I'll see him again. 




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  • June 11, 2023
    Anonymous says:

  • June 11, 2023
    Marilyn Thompson says:
    I'm so sorry about Chris. I know your mama was there holding out her arms to embrace him. Sending my love and many prayers for the days ahead

  • June 11, 2023
    Angela says:
    Chris man....I don't know what happened but I wish we would had at least met up to see each other after all these years ...u would message me with the craziest stuff sometimes and it would be right on time cause I would be having a bad day....Chris I know when u would message me and the conversations we had...pretty deep ones ...but I told u I was sorry for everything and u accepted it and that made me feel better cause I never meant to hurt u!! Give ur mom a hug for me....Rest easy my friend!! Till we meet again!!

  • June 11, 2023
    Danny says:
    I never even once thought that I would ever be writing a tribute for one of my 4 sons. Just thinking about it is harder and more painful than anyone can imagine. So what does a father say at a time like this? I have no idea. All I know is to say what I feel.Christopher Ray you have touched so many people in so many ways. Yes as with all of us there was good and not so good but that only makes you human son. I choose to remember all the good and happy times.First was your love of basketball and the Duke Blue Devils. Your always loved your team. Being a strong Tarheel fan we sure had a lot of fun when they played each other. I'll never forget when you and I went to see Duke and Carolina play at the Dean Dome. We had a blast. The winner doesn't even matter because you and I were both winners because of our time together. What a day. Your artwork. You had the ability to draw anything and I mean anything. Your drawings were always original insightful sometimes a little strange but always done to perfection. Even though you never got paid for them, you were a Pro. I can't begin to count the times I have bragged about your God given natural talent.And then there was that darn guitar. I remember when you first started learning how to play it. You would be in your room which was right beside where I sat in the living room. Countless time I would bang on the wall and ask you to turn it down. You would for a little while but I am so glad that you stuck with it because you truly did master it. I remember going to hear you play at the Rock Shop in Fayetteville. Mom and I were both so very proud. So Chris my memories of you son focus on your determination, your strong will, your intelligence, you talent and most of all your love of family. YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN AND ALWAYS BE MISSED.LOVE ALWAYS,DAD/Danny

  • June 17, 2023
    TERESA coble says:
    He.was beautiful person inside and out , goood friend I knew him since he was little I gonna miss and love you always Christopher Toler ,, in my heart ?? forever